Miscible magazine
– Publishing – 2017

Result of my MFA in Graphic Design diploma. Creation of a new type of magazine which collects different artists and scientists visions about a common problematic : the void and the vacuum. This twice-yearly magazine intends to bring some links between both fields. The dialogue of Art and Science is a real contemporary problematic in order to move forward technology and knowledge. However, the connections between Science and Art seem to be complicated. Miscible proposes a new kind of mediation by sharing several research methods about a common topic. Result of a new publishing and collection identity for different two-yearly publications (such as Time, Matter, Light etc.). Research process of the content is systematic : interviews with different designers and artists and shooting of workplaces and laboratories. Miscible is a double-sided magazine with an Art side and a Science side. Each speech refers to another with yellow quotations and by using «confer» at the bottom of the pages. The goal is to manipulate the magazine. It is inspired by scientific thesis books codes (size, color, binding, paper etc.). The typeface used is the Computer Modern font which has been created by Donald Knuth by a Metafont program in 1992. The magazine is sold with a little zine which images different speeches. Miscible proves that every artists and scientists are motivated by discovering an infinite number of unsuspected worlds. Special thanks to people I have met to create Miscible : Aimeric Ouvrard, Claude Aslangul, Daniel Bloch and Franck Correia for Science side. Yorel Cayla, Matali Crasset, Gaëlle Choisne, Isabelle Antoine, Jean-Pierre Denuc, Philippe Tourriol, Cécilia Butin and Cécile Feilchenfeldt for Art and Design side.